We are a company focused on providing project management and construction services, we have integrated a team with more than 20 years of experience in the industry, as a company we are a young company that promotes best practices as part of its culture.


Founded in 2018 by two brothers, Confector has been evolving every year encouraging continuous improvement and constant development of its employees with the PURPOSE of changing the construction industry in Mexico.


What do we believe in?

We believe in planning as a culture, we believe that the development of cities is related to unique development of cities is related to unique processes and methodologies.

How do we do it?

Creating solutions that, based on methodologies and standardization, achieve an optimization of the resources of a project to protect its execution.

In every project that Confector builds, the purpose is to generate and give value to our clients, starting from understanding their needs and concerns in order to satisfactorily deliver the product they desire. Through the Lean Construction philosophy, creative and collaborative thinking is encouraged.

At Confector we work on 4 principles

Inspiration to employees

Risk response

No wastage

Customer protection

Models of
project delivery

P M + Construction

With an innovative and Integrated service, Confector develops this delivery model with a focus on: I plan, build and manage. A contract is drawn up for the planning and construction of the work and subsequently the subcontracts for the various specialties are managed.
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P M + Construction

  1. Pre-design and pre-construction processes are implemented.
  2. The best cost and benefit for the client is sought in terms of their budget.
  3. The project can be accelerated.
  4. Transparency reports are prepared.

Construction Management

Large construction projects are complex. They often involve dozens of subcontractors and suppliers, hundreds of workers, and millions of dollars in materials, equipment, and services. Orchestrating and taking responsibility for such operations requires top-notch construction management, something that Confector has provided for the past few years.
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Construction Management

  1. The owner or sponsor can participate in the selection of team members.
  2. The owner may be involved in the selection of subcontracts.
  3. All subcontracts present a competitive offer.
  4. Transparency reports are prepared.

General Contracting

At Confector we work hard to offer competitive prices, as a general contractor we understand the business and know the area, through this model we provide our clients with competitive and balanced budgets in the interests of the project with the desire to compete in tenders. However, as part of the philosophy, we seek to add value when receiving the executive project.
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General Contracting

  1. A model contract PA or GMP is established.
  2. The owner hires the architect.
  3. The architect or management is responsible for making estimates.
  4. Responsibilities are clearly defined.

We give value to your project

5 Stages
24 Tools

Confector's professional project certification is axiomatically based on the following stages and tools:
1 - 7
1. Pre Design
  1. Expectations
  2. Benchmark
  3. Risks
  4. Communication
  5. Organization Chart
  6. Scope and WBS
  7. One Page Plan
8 - 15
2. Design
  1. Cost Estimating
  2. Value engineering
  3. Procurement
  4. Construction schedule
  5. Legal
  6. Decision matrix
  7. Project Plan
  8. Funding
16 - 18
3. Pre construction
  1. Tenders
  2. Safety Manual
  3. Project check list
19 - 21
4. Construction
  1. Quality control
  2. Change control
  3. Budget control
22 - 24
5. Post construction
  1. Delivery report
  2. Lessons learned
  3. Technical and administrative closure

Call to Action

Do we know where we are and what we want?
Expectation exercises, permissions, focus groups, benchmarking with variables, organization chart, scope statement and business case.
What? How? When? How much?
How are we going to fund our project, what is the cost estimate, how long is it going to take, last planner system.
On your marks, ready?
We begin to define our base budget, we prepare a start-up checklist.
We start
Quality, change and budget criteria are followed up.
Post sale
Record of delivery
Projects developed
Lessons learned


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